The Sisyphus Watch Reminds Us of the Futility of the Human Condition

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: philosophersguild & fancy
The Sisyphus watch is a perfect time-telling accessory for mythology devotees. The watch is reference to a Greek myth in which Sisyphus, former king of Ephyra, was punished for his sinful, duplicitous and treacherous ways, by having to perpetually push a boulder up a mountain for all of eternity. Every time Sisyphus reaches the top, the boulder simply rolls down to the bottom and he is obliged to begin again.

Instead of having a second hand, this watch features a cartoon Sisyphus pushing his boulder around the clock face. This unique time piece embraces our unconscious existential crisis by reminding us that the human condition very well might be, like Sisyphus's everlasting trial, a trifling experiment with no greater purpose.