- Mar 2, 2015
These health-focused dad products range from fitness-tracking body monitors to glasses that sense one's level of fatigue. Whether shopping for Father's Day or a birthday, these products will impress tech and gadget-obsessed dads while helping them monitor their health levels.

The recent CES 2015 event in Las Vegas featured a number of wearable tech launches that put focus on both style and function. Appealing to both sporty and sophisticated dads, the products include sleep trackers, fitness wearables and heart rate monitors that ensure your father is keeping fit and aging gracefully.

For younger dads, products like baby health monitors and new fatherhood apps make what can be a daunting milestone a little less intimidating for those with limited knowledge. Mobile baby monitors, fatherhood manuals and even hydration-monitoring dad products ensure that both fathers and their babies keep healthy.

From Health-Sensing Eyewear to Fitness-Tracking Body Monitors: