The Spire Monitors Your Vital Signs to Facilitate a Balanced State of Mind

 - Jan 23, 2015
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There are devices that count steps and measure heart rate, but this is an innovative breath-tracking gadget that boasts a much more intimate study of your immediate well-being. The Spire Activity Tracker is about the same size as your average pedometer, capable of clipping easily onto your belt or your bra.

Designed to look slim and sleek, the gizmo becomes a chic accessory with a hidden talent. Its patent-pending sensor is capable of determining the frequency and depth of your breaths, plus its seven axes of streaming data send your diagnosis straight to a smartphone app. There, you'll receive insightful information about your physiological and even psychological state. Whether your asthma is acting up or you're feeling a panic coming along, this breath-tracking gadget can help guide you through breathing techniques to achieve a sense of calm.