The Wello Smartphone Case Keeps You and Your Smartphone Healthy

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: azoi & gizmag
The Wello smartphone case not only protects your smartphone, it also protects you.

Created by Indian health monitoring start-up firm Azoi, the Wello case has built-in sensors that accurately measure heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and numerous other health parameters. This data is then displayed on the Wello smartphone app so users can identify patterns that can help them take steps to improve their health.

The case only needs to be held for a few moments so that its sensors –- which are hidden out of sight –- can record health readings and transmit the data to the app.

Wello also connects with other health-monitoring devices like pedometers and sleep trackers, and integrates their data to provide a broader picture of the different factors affecting the user’s overall health.