A Gadget by Conscious Clothing Helps You Avoid Pollution

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: nih.gov & bitrebels
A device by Conscious Clothing empowers individuals to constantly monitor the pollution levels around them. The gadget comfortably attaches to clothing in order to analyze the amount of pollutants and particles in the air. That data can be instantly fed to any Bluetooth device where the user can see how clean the air is around them. With pollution constantly being monitored, users can actively avoid unhealthy environments

In addition to reading environmental factors, the monitors also collect health data. A conductive band wraps around your ribcage to look at your breath volume. The addition of user-based health data allows researchers to see how different levels of pollution affects people.

The monitors were part of the 'My Air, My Health Challenge' where it won first prize and received $100,000 of funding.