Air Fit Monitors Your Contaminant Consumption and Cures You Later

 - Nov 1, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
We can only really guess what terrible chemicals are floating around in the air we breathe, but the Electrolux Air Fit clears things up. The cutting-edge concept comprises tiny portable sticks called Air Pens that you can carry around in your breast pocket or poking out of your purse. These constantly gather information about the pollutants in your environment.

Upon returning home, insert your Air Pen into the tall base and the hi-tech system will download the data, store the statistics and tell you precisely what toxins were in your presence throughout the day. Jin Joo Lee's invention would then concoct a specific gaseous elixir that would work as a remedy against the particular chemicals that you inhaled. The Electrolux Air Fit functions as a lung cleaner, infusing your indoor environment with an atmospheric antidote.