Bone Repair Therapy Reduces Recovery Time and Helps Heal

 - Jan 11, 2010
References: pacolindoro & yankodesign
If you break a bone in your body, the best thing to do is go to the hospital, but wouldn’t it be great if we had an at-home system that could forgo all of that? Bone Repair Therapy by Francisco Lindoro is a self-administered electrotherapy and ultrasound treatment aimed at helping to reduce recovery time when a bone is broken.

The device is best used on fresh fractures and non-union fractures after a cast has been set. A docking plate is placed inside the cast. This will enable patients to use the Bone Repair Therapy at home. The device uses ten monitors and sends the hospital or doctor information via the net.

Lindoro, the designer of the Bone Repair Therapy device, believes that it can help reduce recovery time up to 60%.