From Customizable Teeth Whitening Kits to Amusing Gaming Toothbrushes

 - Sep 24, 2014
These days, there are a wide variety of dentistry products and gadgets that allow you to maintain perfect dental health without having to visit your dentist, or dispense dentistry services from your own if you have some business acumen.

Gone are the days when you had to do visit a dentist and shell out big bucks just to whiten your teeth. It's now easier than ever to access customized teeth-whitening kits from home. Some companies will even send you a kit to create a plastic mold of your teeth, before sending you a whitening apparatus customized to feet your teeth alone.

Technology has led to some pretty amazing innovations in the world of DIY dentistry products. These days you can get hand-held scanning devices that let you create 3D models of your mouth without having to awkwardly submit yourself to a monstrous tooth modeling machine. Club that with access to a 3D printer and you're good to go.