The DMG Icon Fixes Teeth Without Numbing or Pain

 - Feb 4, 2010
References: drilling-no-thanks & dvice
Going to the dentist is unappealing. For me, anyway, since my addiction to sweets leaves my teeth prone to cavities and cavities means getting fillings and fillings means a giant needle being stuck into my gums, and then a really scary and noisy drill being used on my molars. The DMG Icon aims to rid people of having such a traumatizing experience.

The DMG Icon applies hydrochloric acid directly onto the weak area of your tooth and eats away at the enamel until it reaches the cavity. Once this is done the dentist can inject a quick-hardening solution to fix the problem spot. The DMG Icon only works on early-stage cavities, but since this procedure makes the dentist a little more appealing, early detection will be a lot easier.