From Muddy Nudetorials to Furry Vixentography

 - Dec 27, 2011
The magazine industry is one of the most competitive aspects of the fashion industry; it is one that relies on constant creativity and pushing the envelope, and this gallery of stunning Allure magazine editorials demonstrates why Allure has maintained its status as a force to be reckoned with.

The magazine is fairly new compared to heavyweights like Vogue. Its first issue was published in 1991 by editor Linda Wells, who is still the editor-in-chief at Allure.

Published by Conde Nast in New York City, the magazine has remained at the top of its game due to its ability to tackle controversial topics. It was the first magazine to report on the dangers of silicone breast implants, and when the heroin-chic look was gaining prominence, Allure exposed the use of the drug in the modeling industry.

However, judging by this list of Allure magazine editorials, the magazine's fame also has a lot to do with its stunning photo shoots, which often feature celebrities. Is there anything Allure can't do?