- Mar 4, 2015
When it comes to oral hygiene products, your options are not as basic as toothbrushes and standard toothbrushes sold at the pharmacy. The Implications of advancing technology have enabled the design of new cutting-edge dental implements and some unconventional recipes for teeth cleaning toiletries.

Some of the most intriguing innovations in the sphere of tooth care include bristled scrubbers that play music, that sanitize themselves with UV light, and that can be controlled with the assistance of smartphone apps. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many toothbrushes have cropped up that embrace low-tech and organic features like a plant-based materials that have their own natural disinfectant properties.

As far as toothpastes are concerned, you can now get your hands on meat-flavored, chocolately and caffeinated toothpaste. And with all of this in mind, you're afforded the choice of oral hygiene products that meet your particular priorities and tastes precisely for your pearly whites.

From Hi-Tech Toothbrushes to Innovative Toothpaste Tubes: