The Orgel Toothbrush Encourages Reluctant Kids with Interactive Elements

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: tuvie
It's well-known that children are much more drawn to activities that involve some element of interaction and that playful features will increase the likelihood of youngsters taking pleasure from tedious tasks. The Orgel Toothbrush is intended for those kids who absolutely detest the daily process of dental hygiene.

Jeong Shin Yoon's thick-handled implement integrates a retractable cord and widget. To activate it, pull the tear-shaped 'Orgel' out of the base as far as you can, and this will initiate a marvelous melody. Over the course of three minutes, the droplet doodad will be drawn back into the bottom of the Orgel Toothbrush, signifying the end of the chore and having provided entertainment for the duration.