From Dentist-Alerting Toothbrushes to Galactic Glowing Toothbrushes

 - Mar 29, 2014
Toothbrushes are an essential part to people's morning and evening routine to keep things hygienic in the mouth region. Without these important devices, things could get a little messy and uncomfortable.

Now, new designs are coming out to transform toothbrushes into more high-tech devices. Apps, for example, can be downloaded and connected to certain devices that notify the dentist when you need to come in for a checkup. Others have cameras mounted on the back for those hard to reach spaces, although you'll have to get comfortable with putting a tiny camera in your mouth. For those that prefer a touch of the sci-fi look, toothbrushes that look like lightsabers are actually available to purchase. No matter the toothbrush, the main point to remember is to brush regularly and avoid those cavities!