Rolly Brush is the Modern Portable Teeth Cleaner

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: rollybrush & laughingsquid
The worst thing to forget in the morning is brushing your teeth, but it's not as bad when you have the Rolly Brush, a portable and modern toothbrush that cleans when chewed.

It's equipped with 276 spiky bristles and uses fluoride and xylitol to clean the teeth. The Rolly Brush requires no water or toothpaste, and comes in a mint flavor so that users can feel squeaky clean.

This item is perfect for those days when you forget to brush your teeth, and feel uncomfortable with plaque and bad breath. With the Rolly Brush, users can discreetly clean their teeth while sitting at their desk, driving or even while they shower if time is running out. Just pop one into your mouth and clean discreetly as long as you please.