World Centric Offers Travelers Eco-Friendly Teeth Cleaning

 - Aug 26, 2012
References: & springwise
The Canadian company World Centric has just released a line of compostable toothbrushes to do away with all the plastic waste stemming from the use of traditional toothbrushes. According to the rand, about 450 million toothbrushes end up in U.S. landfills on an annual basis.

Made for eco-minded travelers, the compostable toothbrushes are 7 inches in length and BPI-certified, and also come in compostable cases. The toothbrushes are crafted of the plant-based material Ingeo, instead of the standard petroleum-based plastic used for conventional toothbrushes. The head and bristles, however, are not compostable -- thus, when a user is done with the toothbrush, he or she must break off these sections while the rest can be sent back to World Centric to be recycled or to a composting facility.