These Colourful Toothbrushes Add Swagger to Your Daily Routine

 - Jan 16, 2014
References: brshcollective & thecoolector
I'm pretty sure we can just throw the idea that adults can't have colorful toothbrushes out the window now. British company BRSH Collective has created some wonderfully crafted and colorful toothbrushes for those that want to jazz up their daily routine.

It's no secret that the act of brushing one's teeth is not the most glamorous of things to do but it can still be fun. The market for toothbrushes are pretty stagnant for the most part because they're an essential item and often people don't think too much about it. If you want to look cool while having fresh breath, you want the BRSH Collective's new toothbrushes.

The handles are made of organic bamboo, which helps the green movement by phasing out the typical plastic handles and the bristles are all colored in one way or another. African-themed toothbrush? Yes please.