- Aug 7, 2014
With the Back to School season just around the corner, students of all ages are looking forward to the hunt for new stationary and school supplies. While hand-written notes are slowly being replaced by laptop logs, the hunt for the perfect writing tool is still popular among the majority of students around the globe.

Whether venturing into high school or university, these innovative writing tools marry aesthetics with practicality. The pieces range from sophisticated stylus designs that can be used on one's tablet to eco-friendly pencil creations that are a blast from the past.

Standouts from this list include The Fabric Pen, a design by Ingrida Kazenaite that mends ripped and weathered garments. Another favorite from the list is the Machined Brass Bolt Pen, a product that embodies classic sophistication.

From Sophisticated Styluses to Eco-Friendly Pen Utensils: