The Change Up Stylus Pen Boasts Four Switchable Heads

 - May 9, 2014
The Change Up Stylus Pen proves just how indispensable this particular computer tool is to many, namely designers and illustrators. No matter how many digital sketch tool options there are, nothing beats using something in the physical world to properly achieve the affect a person is looking for. Now that is made even more possible with the help of interchangeable stylus heads.

Designed by Cheol Woong Seo with the help of Dae Jin An and Min Keun Kwon, the Change Up Stylus Pen incorporates four different heads including a marker, brush and pencil. Not only is it easy to switch between them, the Change Up Stylus Pen provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip as well. Not to mention that the overall design is sleek and minimalist, complementing any office desk setup.