Pen by Wenhao Wang is a Subtly Hi-Tech Piece of Stationery

 - Apr 4, 2014
References: yankodesign
Writing tools are something that many designers love to reinvent on a regular basis and the pen by Wenhao Wang shows people why. It is such a versatile object considering that it is meant to perform only one task. Yet it yields such exciting potential when it comes to creative and imaginative output. In this case, the designer introduced a bit of technology into his creation to make the classic stationery piece function quite intuitively.

The pen by Wenhao Wang boasts a touch-sensitive surface that triggers the tip of the pen to come out or retreat back depending on the person's action. Although clicking the button at the end of a typical pen is relaxing sometimes (and annoying to others) this design is a sleek and modern alternative that many will appreciate.