Align by Beyond Object Reinterprets the Traditional Writing Tool

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: beyond-object & yankodesign
Align by Beyond Object, a London-based design studio founded by Hanhsi Chen and ShiKai Tseng, isn't necessarily a newfangled writing tool meant to revolutionize the stationary industry. Instead, it simply rethinks the traditional design in order to introduce a different aspect to it. Sleek and contemporary, the minimal pen doesn't have a button at its end to make it work. Instead, it is made up of three parts, the middle of which can dislocate to retract the head.

Simple yet innovative, Align by Beyond Object allows people to interact with this daily tool in an excitingly unusual way. Available in two sizes, the designers are currently seeking crowd-funding on Kickstarter. They were inspired to recreate the pen due to the lack of attention it is slowly experiencing.