The Sharpener Lite Will Make You Look Badass in the Classroom

 - Sep 5, 2012
The Sharpener Lite is sure to make going back to school a little more fun, and it will make you look like a total badass when you're sitting in class. Teachers will know not to mess with you if you're packing this thing, or at least they'll think they shouldn't. The best part is it can't even land you in detention.

This cool product looks like a lighter but doesn't actually have any lighter fluid. Instead, it simply innocently sharpens your pencils. The design team at Monkey Business came up with this great sharpener, and it's available off its website. It's available in yellow, blue or clear.

If you're looking for extra ways to gain some cool points from classmates and intimidate teachers, you should get your hands on this non-traditional writing tool.