- May 5, 2015
These low-tech writing tools range from lyrical pencil packs to pen accessories that are intricately crafted. While the days of traditional stationary supplies may be long gone thanks to tablets, laptops and smartphones, traditional writing tools continue to appeal to fans of well-crafted and authentic products.

Reviving nostalgia, these novelty pencils and collectible pens may remind one of school days or objects found in their parents' home offices. Despite of its digital stylus replacement, traditional pens are becoming more coveted by consumers with an appreciation of artisanal products. These lovers of nostalgia are willing to invest in handcrafted writing tools and pencil packs with a pop culture inspiration.

Standouts from this list include pen accessories that mimic makeup packaging and pencils that are adorned with mixologist-approved recipes.

From Lyrical Pencil Packs to Metallic Pen Accessories: