These Biodegradable Corn Pens are the Greener Way to Write

 - Aug 13, 2010   Updated: May 27 2011
References: grassrootsstore
As another step towards a greener environment, these Biodegradable Corn Pens will allow its pen shells to disintegrate into the soil.

The entire pen is made of a corn-plastic which would easily be absorbed by the environment after its been used up. After a couple of months, these Biodegradable Corn Pens will break down and return to the environment, leaving no unnecessary waste products behind.

Implications - The Biodegradable Corn Pens are mostly made up of Mater-Bi, which can be described simply as "a revolutionary new material derived from corn starch." When holding the pen, you would never be able to tell that it is not made out of plastic. The pens also come in all sorts of different colors.