From Ornamental Garden Decor to Suspended Sculptural Gardens

 - Aug 30, 2013
These creative garden decor ideas are not only a fabulous way to incorporate greenery in your home, but they can also double as unique source of decor for any homeowner looking to have an eco-friendly space.

While gardening outdoors can be a very relaxing and therapeutic activity, incorporating plants and greenery inside your household can serve to bring that serene feeling inside, allowing you to constantly bask in nature's beauty. These creative garden decor ideas are offering homeowners a very eco-conscious way to style their homes, by outfitting their interior spaces with planters and greenery instead of other less environmentally conscious items.

From chic miniature planters that you can hang from your ceiling to those shaped like ornaments and bookends, these unique garden decor ideas will certainly offer some great tips on how to fill your home with lovely green decor.