The Boskke Sky Planter

 - Nov 9, 2008
References: boskke & outblush
The Sky Planter has turned gardening on its head. The innovative planters designed by Patrick Morris of New Zealand’s Boskke make the impossible a reality.

Somehow the soil is locked into the pot and some kind of gravity-defying water reservoir keeps moisture at the plant’s roots and not dripping on your furniture.

Apparently, with the Sky Planter you only have to water the plant once a month. That in combination with the lack of evaporation yields a water savings of up to 80%. In addition to these advantages over traditional planters, they hang from the ceiling, leaving you with more floor space.

Knowing a thing or two about horticulture, I wonder how the plants will look after a few months of being inverted. Even if they are hung by their roots, all plants will insist on growing up towards the light. It’s what they do!

Boskke pots would look nice teamed up with any of the other upside-down trends below.