- Oct 28, 2013
Incorporating some greenery into your home decor can be a great way to add naturalistic elements to a room, and these eccentric planters are offering some creatively unique ways to showcase plants and flowers in a quirky way.

Planters are a convenient way to add some of nature's beauty into the comfort of your own home, but if you're interested in adding more of an eclectic touch to these items, then these eccentric planters will definitely do the trick. Showcasing designs that feature prehistoric dinosaurs, porcelain dolls, illuminated exteriors and even personified creatures, these eccentric planters are offering homeowners a way to feature outdoor elements in a creatively humorous way.

From pixelated plant pots to runaway appendage planters, these eccentric designs will definitely add a comical green touch to any home.

From Frightening Doll Plant Holders to Skull-Inspired Planting Pots: