Green Dynamite Flower Pot Wicks H2O for an Eruption of Lush Life

 - May 6, 2013
References: miguelsilvadesign & tuvie
With the Green Dynamite Planter, you wouldn't have to have a green thumb to have success with your indoor garden. This iconic item ensures that you'll experience an explosion of flora, simply by keeping it topped up with one integral ingredient.

Miguel Silva strove to develop a product that would foster an emotional attachment between user and object. He did so by going beyond basic practicality and mere aesthetic decoration and turned the household item into a symbol that could be understood in a different way. This planter was inspired by a red stick of dynamite with its ignitable string.

The nylon cord dangles down into a liquid-filled reservoir below, while the red container holds the soil and herbage. Keep the Green Dynamite Planter topped up with water, and it will wick up naturally to the roots to keep your foliage well fed.