The Wellspring by Martin Azua is a Self-Contained Ecosystem

 - May 22, 2013
References: martinazua & contemporist
Cozy and cavelike, the Wellspring by Martin Azua, a designer based in Barcelona, Spain, is a planter that simulates a natural environment in a stylish and manageable way. In place of typical plastic or terracotta pots, it boasts a spherical shape with a gaping mouth in the front and a smaller opening at the top. The mouth offers a beautiful and intimate view of the plants inside while the top opening provides it with light as well as a convenient place to water.

What makes the Wellspring by Martin Azua particularly special is the way a person waters the plants. It comes with a small terracota dish that is meant to be placed beneath it to collect the dripping dew that runs off of its surface. That liquid is then drizzled on the plant.