Footballers Knees Vases Make Human Body Parts Handsome Flower Pots

 - May 5, 2011
References: alexgarnett & bookofjoe
As unconventionally shaped as they may be, these Footballers Knees Vases make excellent vessels for bodacious bouquets. Available from Alex Garnett, these corporeal containers look abstract and organic when appreciated separately, but form the perfect side-by-side duo the moment the pair of leg joints are displayed together.

The set is made as smooth earthenware sculptures coated in a soft white glaze. The artist's hands have molded the clay to create the suggestion of kneecaps, thigh quadriceps and shin bones as the items are severed fragments of the fleshy originals. The two urns are perhaps best fit to adorn a minimalistic room with a contemporary flair, allowing the Footballers Knees Vases to be appreciated for their functionality as well as pieces of anatomical art.