From Slithering Alcohol Decanters to Scientific Wine Servers

 - Apr 28, 2014
These alcohol decanters are perfect to add some elegance to your dinner party. Your favorite wine may not come in the best-looking bottle, so decanters are the perfect solution. You can pour your wine or liquor into the ones that appeal most to you, your decor and your guests.

Many of the alcohol decanters are made of glass and boast contemporary, fluid designs, while others have themed designs. For example, Riedel makes decanters based on each Chinese year's animal. Likely, if you are throwing a Halloween party or are a Walking Dead fanatic, the Zombie Glass Decanter would be a perfect part of the decor.

All of the decanters on this list are classy and cool no matter the design or theme. Every one will be a great conversation piece for your dinner parties.