In the Postman Collection by Vasiliy Butenko Each Teacup Has a Cap

 - Dec 10, 2011
The standard formula by which to sculpt a simple set of cups is doomed to be incredibly uninteresting. The Postman Collection by Vasiliy Butenko comprises a decanter and four minimalistic mugs, but despite their uncomplicated forms they are remarkably fetching.

The designer does not explain why he chose to give these delightful drinking vessels such an unusual shape, but one might take a hint from the name of the set and assume that the flat projections from the rims are inspired by the caps of mail delivery men. The playful pieces appear to be wearing visors, affording users unconventional handles by which to grasp the tapering dishes.

Made of an exquisitely smooth ceramic, glazed in pastel colors and accompanied by a matching serving platter, the Postman Collection by Vasiliy Butenko would be a charming and nostalgic addition to a contemporary sideboard.