- Nov 21, 2014
Some people collect postcards, others collect stamps and others still collect Facebook likes -- but there's a hidden cult of people out there who like to collect mugs of all kinds, from beer mugs to coffee mugs to multi-purpose beverage mugs. Now this may sound strange but Christmas isn't a time for judging people for their quirky afflictions, it's a time for you to buy them presents that they'll like and use.

So this Christmas, consider getting the mug maniac in your life a mug that either stands out for its eye-catching appearance or its thoughtful functionality.

It's incredible to see how far the simple mug has come, with mug manufacturers getting incredibly creative while crafting mugs that have funny messages or pictures printed on them, play music and even keep your beverage cold or warm.

From Barrel Beer Mugs to Self-Brewing Coffee Mugs: