These Decorative Cups Have Adorable Animalistic Features

 - Jul 17, 2013
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These decorative cups will catch your attention in an unusual way—with their tails. Japanese design studio Kinto gives animalistic traits to inanimate objects by attaching realistically shaped tails to each mug. The products, called Mugtails, are adorably toy-like.

Mugtails are inspired by many different animals. The all-white ceramic cups are minimalist in design, with nothing but a a faint imprint of the animal and its corresponding tail. But you will be able to identify the animal from afar by just looking at the cup’s tail. While a rabbit has a spherical fluff as its tail, the chipmunk has a full curly one that could even be used as the cup’s handle bar. The tails are precisely aligned with the imprint on the mugs so that each cup displays a cute image.