These Grammar Coffee Mugs are Perfect for Grammar Nerds

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: thatsnerdalicious
Treat the grammar nerd in your life with these grammar coffee mugs. These mugs are printed with phrases and words that are often confused and incorrectly substituted for one another.

Some of these mugs include: "I’m going to add two sugars too"; " "They’re there for their afternoon tea"; and "I am figuratively dying for a cuppa" amongst others. These phrases emphasize the importance of to/two/too, they’re/there/their, and other often confused terms. For the grammar nerd in your life (maybe it’s you,) purchase these mugs in confidence, knowing that they are grammatically correct. Each mug is made up of porcelain.

This set of six mugs is available for $64—you can always split them up for gifts and keep the "bestest" one’s for yourself.