This Plastic Army Cup Helps People Relive Their Childhood

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: baronbob & thatsnerdalicious
The plastic ‘Army Guy Mug’ is a clever recreation of a toy from may people's childhoods.

Plastic army soldiers are easily one of the most popular toys a kid could own. The plastic army mug is the ideal coffee cup for grown-ups who want to hold onto a piece of their childhood, while still keeping their foot grounded in the adult world. The Army Guy Mug is made out of ceramic, similar to most coffee cups, but with the obvious distinction of the toy sculpted soldier. Plastic army soldiers are popular, because they didn’t cost much and losing one soldier didn’t ruin your set.

The Army Guy Mug brings a sense of nostalgia to the coffee drinker. It serves as a bridge between adulthood and childhood, plus the cup design is wicked clever.