- Oct 3, 2014
There are few things as satisfying as playing with your food, which is where these dipping snacks come in. These playful appetizers were made specifically for dipping. So if you are looking for fun finger foods for in between meals or to serve as an appetizer, these are all unexpected options.

Many of these dipping snacks could qualify as junk food as they appear to either be deep fried or frozen. Kids will love items like cheesy fry chips and frozen pizza strips. There are also recipes for healthy and savory bites such as crispy zucchini bites and healthy homemade DIY chips. There are even confectionary choices including dessert corn dogs.

Whether it's in the form of a stick, strip or bite, you want be able to keep your hands off of these mini courses.

From Fried Chicken Pizza Crusts to Patriotic Ice Cream Desserts: