The Chef Jack Lee Catering Agency's Fancy Egg Roll Costs $100

 - Aug 21, 2014
References: luxuo
Eating an egg roll doesn't take more than a couple of bites, but the fancy egg roll created by the Chef Jack Lee Catering Agency is one that you'll definitely want to savor. The decadent Lobster Egg Roll costs an eye-popping $100 and is made with some of the finest rare ingredients from around the world.

The luxury egg roll is made up with the tail of a Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab, summer black truffle, baby carrots, wild baby taro root and nagaimo that's been julienned, topped with caviar and gold leaf to garnish. This extravagant dish is served with a raspberry and Sauvignon Blanc reduction for dipping into. So you can see just how bite-sized the egg rolls are, the large lobster claw garnish should provide some perspective.