- May 31, 2015
These non-traditional pizzas are sure to appeal to every pizza lover. These refashioned Italian dishes range from pizza burger buns to hybrid pizza recipes.

While a poutine topped pizza brings together two cheesy dishes, a pizza cone may be a more convenient way to snack while on the go. These non-traditional pizzas also feature vegetarian and vegan options such as tropical fruit topped pizzas as well as avocado-garnished pies. These pizzas can also appeal to the gluten-free community with a range of grain-free crusts accented by fresh gluten-less toppings.

Other examples of non-traditional pizza include international pizza recipes such as cheesy Brazilian pizzas as well as Mediterranean pizza options. Lastly, pizza tacos are a unconventional dish that offer the best of both worlds.

From Booze-Infused Pizzas to Pizza Soup Recipes: