This Yellow Beet and Parsnip Wheat Pizza is Both Colorful and Healthy

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: blog.sanuraweathers
When it comes to this yellow beet and parsnip wheat pizza, you'll be eating with more than just your mouth. With such a vibrant array of colors spread out on top of the pizza dough, your flavor palate will receive a huge boost through its aesthetic appeal.

The yellow beets that decorate the top of the pizza are such an underused ingredient that it's surprising just how well they work. Although there is a negative stigma toward wheat pizza, recipes such as this one will break the association wide open.

Along with the savory favorite, cheese, comes a plethora of healthy toppings that turn this traditionally fat-packed meal into a slimming choice. The vibrant look of the pizza alone has such a summer fresh feel that it will have you salivating in no time.