Heaven Scent

 - Dec 2, 2006
References: blissfulbiscuits
This doggie treat is tempting regardless of whether you get around on two or four legs. The Heaven Scent Pizza for Dogs made by Blissful Biscuits comes ready to eat and shrink wrapped in a classic pizza delivery box. The 7” pizza is a healthy new treat that smells and tastes (I had to try it!) like your favorite take-out pizza.

No longer will your dog have to make do with canned pooch food when the rest of the family gorge themselves on juicy pizza. Perfect for the girls or guys doggie night in!
"Any dog lover understands wanting to do the best for our canine friends. This is the driving force behind Blissful Biscuits. We've decided to make treats that are healthy for dogs who would otherwise be fed chemical preservatives from mass produced treats. After extensively researching what dogs need and enjoy, we experimented with many processes and ingredients, and created Blissful Biscuits".

The healthy doggie pizza has a biscuit crust with ingredients such as parmesan cheese, garlic, vegetable oil, tomato paste, basil and oregano. It's preserved with natural Vitamin E, and contains no added salt.

'It's a dog's dinner', will not be such an insult after you've tried the Heaven Scent Pizza for Dogs!