From Mirthfully Menacing Felines to Mini Container Art

 - Nov 16, 2011
Who would have thought that a sheet of aluminum could result in so many creative canned finds? This material is not only portable, but it gives food products a longer life by keeping them sealed from bacteria. Cans offer many qualities for various markets, as they are cheap and easy to mold.

For the food and drink industry, cans are ideal to keep edibles fresh and drinks tempting to consumers as they are presented in modern and playful designs. Artist and designers use them to create stunning sculptures and pieces, and to pack unthinkable things like jeans. Some of these canned creations are outrageous because the cans are deformed to become objects like purses, drums, lamps and surfboards.

A collector's item for many and a brand identity for companies like Coca-Cola, these creative canned finds show that you can can everything you want.