Air Box

 - Jan 27, 2008
Air Box is a colored can containing perfumed air. Yes, air. And it's not a Japanese souvenir, but it is produced by Oikos Fragrances, an Italian firm specialized in producing innovative environment scenting systems.

Do you feel moody? Then open a Euphoria Air Box and breath. The six variants are not based on the fragrances they contain, but rather on the reaction that the fragrance should elicit from you, and their development follows some aromachology multisensory stimulus-response principles.

In addition to Euphoria you can choose Energy, to recharge your body and your soul, Courage, to face daily challenges, Creativity, for meditation and brainstorming, Passion, to warm your evening, and... Business, that according to the description should be of help in reaching the optimal concentration level needed for work meetings.