From Intuitive Airports to Pitch-Black Dinne

 - Jul 26, 2012
These multi-sensory creations are at the forefront of perceptive technology.

Each of these automated developments points to the future of fully digitized experiences. These inventions are progressive in the utilization of science and technology to form pieces that appeal to multiple human senses.

For instace, in Shanghai there exists a restaurant that is designed to create a dining experience that teases taste, sound, sight and even scent. Custom-tailored meals exist in order to evoke emotion. From multi-sensory musical exhibitions to assistive listening spectacles, these futuristic creations are pioneering intuitive design.

Although it may seem like many of these pieces are geared for entertainment, the functionality of the scientific advances is impressive in their potential to act as a vehicle for social good. The vast amount of groundbreaking items emerging are a great indication of technological advances that will not only enhance entertainment, but health and education as well.