The Sergio Guijarro + Miriam Tochijara Baooab Helps Boost Creativity

The Sergio Guijarro + Miriam Tochijara 'Baooab' works to encourage the power of a child's imagination. The game concept was created by Spanish product designer duo Sergio Guijarro and Miriam Tochijara. The idea came about from getting children to play with what is not there instead of what is given to them.

The interactive play encourages children to engage and construct with the six pieces that offer infinite possibilities. Baooab makes anything possible, as it transforms into various creatures from a giraffe, a toy train, an elephant and even a swirling river.

As Guijarro describes on his website, the Baooab offers a "form of entertainment which returns to the sensory, emotional, and, above all, to the appreciation of ingenuity."

The toy is for all ages, because the only thing that is required when playing is your own creativity.