- Dec 3, 2014
These aquatic design examples range from oceanic furniture pieces to fashionable fish tank accessories. These products look to nature and pop culture imagery for their inspiration and reference water in their design concept.

Memorable products from this list of aquatic design finds include oceanic bedspreads and layered seascape furnishings. While Etsy's ocean-printed duvet covers are incredibly lifelike, Duffy London's Abyss Table is dimensional and mimics a bird's eye view of a large body of water.

These aquatic design finds celebrate a natural inspiration. The water-themed products are not only limited to covetable home accessories but also include seascape tapestry artworks and ocean predator soaps that are handmade and shaped to resemble sharks.

Other favorites from this list include architecture examples that are designed underwater or to resemble water on land.

From Oceanic Furniture Pieces to Fashionable Fish Tank Jewelry: