Stern McCafferty's Glass Tub Makes a Splash in the Bathroom

American architecture firm Stern McCafferty has released its new clear bathtub design which turns any bathroom into a human aquarium. This clear glass tub reveals all, creating a more intimate bathing experience -- or, creating a need for locked doors! The design concept for this "invisible" tub is quite simple: a piece of glass forms the outer sections, while the tiled wall and floor forms the rest of the structure. While this design may not be for everyone, it certainly adds a modern touch to any bathroom and can quickly be transformed into a romantic, albeit slightly voyeuristic, household feature.

Stern McCafferty founders David Stern and Diane McCafferty have been collaborating since 2000 on residential and commercial spaces. Their clear tub design concept is hard to resist and will surely be popping up in hotels and residences around the world.