Neri Meiri's Seaweed Lamps are a Crunchy Endeavour

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: nirmeiri & designboom
Seaweed has many uses in society, from as skincare to as food, but now people can add seaweed lamps to that list. Tel Aviv-based designer Neri Meiri showcases another use for this underwater grass by transforming it into light fixtures.

The Marine Light design uses a metal base for the structure of the shade, which is then later applied with fresh seaweed. The green algae is left to dry in order to attain a form that will provide a shape for the lamp.

With the pressing concern of environmental issues knocking at the door steps of every major corporation, using organic and non-harmful materials such as seaweed could solve the issue of conscious consumerism in the world -- and if you get bored of your lamp, you can just eat it.

Photo Credits: designboom, nirmeiri