The Veolia Marine Drone Swims Around Collecting Trash in the Sea

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: & yankodesign
Sadly, humankind is not made up of staunch recyclers with environmentally responsible morals. The Veolia Marine Drone may be the sort of machine necessary to keep life on this planet clean and healthy, for all of the marketing in the world will not stop many from littering.

Conceived by a team of designers including Elie Ahovi of France, this pollution-gathering contraption is effectively a large motorized net that sweeps the sea in search of garbage and collects it through its broad opening. Ocean life such as fish is spared, thanks to the integration of sensors and an infrasound system. A whole fleet of Veolia Marine Drones can be sent down into the depths to amass plastic bags and bottles, remaining underwater for up to two weeks thanks to high-power batteries.