The GhostManta Submersible Vehicle Works with Underwater Creatures

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: sebastiancampos & tuvie
There are several reasons why the GhostManta Submersible Vehicle has been designed to resemble a marine animal. They pertain to an aesthetic reference to its function, its effectiveness as a conveyance and its success at blending in with the oceanic ecosystem. The primary purpose of the watercraft is to study life in the big blue by documenting the activities of the organisms that surround it.

Having modeled their concept on the manta ray, Caan Yaylali and Sebastian Campos have conceived a vessel that would capably glide through the water with minimal work from the on-board motor and water jet. It would have a natural look about its swift movement below the surface for maximum efficiency and unthreatening grace. The GhostManta Submersible Vehicle would be equipped with a high definition 3D video recorder to capture an accurate picture of life in the sea.