Travel is Taken to a Whole New Level with These Unusual Hotels

 - Jan 22, 2014
Getaways have become a bit more interesting with the increase of unusual hotels all around the world. A relaxing vacation can can go in a completely different direction when your place of stay is inside of a mobile bus inn or rocky ravine.

Usually most people like to choose the most luxurious hotels for their temporary stay. Places like the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons are leading choices but with unusual hotels popping up around the globe, it's hard to shy away from jocular Jurassic Park-themed inns or eco-friendly housing. Gone are the days of a regular bed and breakfast when you can be treated like absolute royalty in a fairy tale-inspired abode or a caravansary in the shape of a giant palm leaf. It’s no longer irregular to hear of hotel designs taking on iconic cartoon characters or even being rooted deep underwater.

The hotels of today are crafted to fit everybody’s housing needs mixed with their undying fantasies and wildest dreams.